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Importing contacts from MailChimp into Batchbook

Start by clicking on the Contact button, then the +CONTACTS button and finally the Import option from the drop down.


  1. The source for your import is MailChimp.
  2. Select the list you want to import.
  3. You can import contacts based on their user rating (Less Than or Equal To; Equal To; or Greater Than or Equal To), or you can choose to "Import All Users".
  4. Configure your import for how to handle duplicate contacts, and apply any tags you'd like as usual.

Meanwhile...over in MailChimp

This is one of our test lists in MailChimp named "Chocolate and More".  We wanted to show you what data we have in there so you can get a better picture of the import process.

Map your data

All of the fields in the first column are coming in from MailChimp. Some of your data will also be custom Merge Tags that you created in MailChimp to capture additional information. You can click here to learn more from MailChimp about their Merge Tags.

If you'd like to map more of your data (than just name and email) from MailChimp you'll need to create a Custom Field Set in Batchbook to hold that data. Here is a link that will show you how to create a Custom Field.

Once your data is mapped, you can click on the Import Contacts button at the bottom of the list and you're done!

If you need a refresher on how our imports work, you can review that here.