De-Duping your contacts

No one likes duplicate contacts in their account! And we are big fans of cutting out the non-fun and confusion in managing your contacts, so we are happy to provide you with your very own de-duper to rid yourself of these pesky duplicates anytime you would like.

Admins on the account can de-dupe the account by clicking on Your Name (1) and selecting Settings from the drop down (2). From there choose the De-Dupe tab on the left (3). You'll be presented with the option to 'De-dupe Contacts' (4) that have an exact First Name, Last Name, and Email match. If you have any questions on this just select the '?' (5) for more details. You'll be able to see a history of your de-dupes (6) including date, user who initiated the actions, # of dupes, contacts affected, and list details.  

It is important to note that we cannot Pause or Cancel a de-dupe once initiated. Also, we are unable to un-merge contacts once merged. In general, we would suggest running a de-dupe during off hours when other users are not currently working in the account.