The direct integration with LinkedIn is no longer available. We're sorry for any inconvenience. Please check out this blog post for some more information:

Go to the "Preferences" menu

Go to where you see the "Hi [your name]" drop down menu, and choose "Preferences". Click the button that says "Sign in with LinkedIn". Once you authenticate your account, you won't have to do this step again.

Searching for a LinkedIn profile

Searching for a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn will allow us to search your network of connections, as well as 2nd and 3rd degree connections only. Users on LinkedIn also have a security setting that can prevent searches by 3rd parties - which in this case is us. So we may not always be able to return LinkedIn data, even for some of your connections. You'll likely quickly notice that there is no where to manually add an id for a contact, which is because we aren't able to look up contacts by record id with our API. If we aren't able to find the contact you're looking for by their name, then we will not be able to find them even if you could tell us what record to look for. This is why there is no option to manually add record ids on the search.

How to perform a general search

Go to the contact detail page for someone you'd like to search for on LinkedIn, and click the green "Social Search" button.

Search results

Search results

You will be shown a list of contacts in your "network" that have the same name as the contact you are searching. Choose the result you'd like to add - in this case, it's just Melony! Click anywhere on the result you'd like to add, and then press save.

With Facebook we can look up contacts by their name or id number. With Twitter we can search by the Twitter handle. However with LinkedIn, we aren't able to manually search their database - only your network.

Batchbook connects with person records only; not companies.

What you can see

Melony has her information visible to 3rd party searches (aka our API), so I can now see:

  1. Her avatar (not everyone will have one)
  2. Her current title/company and location
  3. Her current work history
  4. If you click on the contact's name, you'll be taken to their page on LinkedIn

When a user's security preferences stop us

When a user's security preferences stop us

This is a search for our CTO, Ray Anderson. His settings don't allow our API to pull over his data from LinkedIn - so even though we can find him in this search...

You'll get a notification instead of a profile

A red bar will appear briefly at the top of the page telling you that LinkedIn does not allow you to see that profile. Really, it's this user's security settings though.

Connecting to a contact on LinkedIn via Batchbook

Mike and I are not connected yet on LinkedIn, however - Mike is connected to some of my co-workers so he's a 2nd party connection (thus is in my network). I could send a request to add him to my network right from Batchbook, however to do that I need to have a primary email address on file for him, and I don't.

Add an email, you can connect

Once you add an email address to the contact a blue "connect" button will appear allowing you to send a request to connect with the contact right from Batchbook!

Confirm your connection request

Confirm your connection request

You can edit the Subject or Body of the message, and then press the green "Connect" button, and your request will be sent.