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Importing contacts from Xero into Batchbook

Once you've connected your Batchbook account with your Xero account start by clicking on the Contact tab, then the +CONTACTS button and finally the Import option.

1. Select Xero as your source for bringing in contacts.

2. Choose which contacts you want to import from Xero (all, customers or suppliers).

3. The tag 'Xero' will automatically be applied to all contacts in this import.  You can opt to add additional tags here as well.

4. Click the Preview button to go to the mapping page and preview your import data.

On the mapping page, you can see and change how your data will be matched up with Batchbook fields.

We make our best guess and pre-match some fields for you; they're highlighted green. You can change them if you like.

The rows in white aren't mapped yet, so you'll need to use the drop-down menu in each row to select the destination field in Batchbook for that data.

After your mapping is complete, click the Import Contacts button at the bottom of the page to start the import.



After your import is complete, you can use the Tags filter to view your contacts.