Create new contacts with email

With Batchbox you can create new contacts in Batchbook by email! When you BCC or Forward your emails into Batchbox we not only create communications saved to your account but if the contact is not already in Batchbook we'll create a new contact for you. That's easy contact creation on the fly :)  Not only that but we'll automatically give these new contacts  a 'batchbox' tag so that you can easily find them to update as needed later. 

Send an email to any contact and bcc Batchbox

You can bcc new conversations into Batchbook or you can Forward in older conversation. For older conversations just click forward and add your user specific Batchbox address (found under settings or on the communications page) in the 'To' field and hit send. 

If the contact isn't in Batchbook already we'll create one

We'll create the new contact using their name or email address as the name depending on what information is in the 'To' field of the email. We'll also save a copy of the email that was sent in attached to the contacts record. 

Use filters to find newly added contacts quickly and update if needed

If you want to review or update the newly created contacts you can do so easily from the main contact page. Use filters to quickly find the new contacts created with the 'batchbox' tag and edit them as needed by clicking on the pencil icon after their name. When you're done, click the 'x' after the batchbox tag to remove the tag from their record.