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Nurture relationships by staying in touch

The best way to nurture your relationships is by staying in touch. Whether it's a quick hello or more in depth question about how things are going, there's no better way to watch your relationship grow than by reaching out to customers on a 1:1 basis. With Batchbook, if you're tracking your emails & noting your phone calls and chats on a regular basis, we can help you see who needs a little personal contact! 

Create a list of contacts not recently contacted

When you save emails with Batchbox or note your phone calls and chats with contacts as communications in Batchbox, we can search against the last date you communicated with contacts and help you stay in touch. Use the Advanced Search page to create a list of contacts who haven't been communicated with in the last week, month or quarter to see who could use a friendly check in. 

Save it as a dynamic list which will automatically update

Use the 'Save as list' option at the top of the page to create a dynamic, automatically updated list of contacts who need attention. Now when you have 5 free minutes you have a one stop place to find a contact who could use a little love. Just a simple 'Hi, Hope all is going well' can do wonders in keeping a relationship healthy! Once you reach out and save the email or call in Batchbook, the list will automatically be updated to remove that person from the list!