Special Characters in Exports

Occasionally special characters have a hard time making it from the csv that exports from Batchbook into Excel. Using Google docs as a passthrough can help solve this problem quickly! 

Export your list from Batchbook

Create a new list or use an exisitng list and export your data from Batchbook. Be sure to save the csv directly without opening in Excel first.

Start a new Google Sheets doc

Open Google Sheets and start a new blank document

Import your csv into Google Sheets

Use the 'File' menu to start an Import

Use the 'Upload' option to chose the csv file you exported from Batchbook. 

The import will create a new Google Sheet

You'll see that the special characters are correct and retain their formatting

Export the data into Excel if needed

From the File menu you can choose to Download as 'Microsoft Excel' (be sure to give your sheet a new name first)

Special Characters are retained in Excel