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How to add the Batchbook App to HootSuite

To add the Batchbook App for HootSuite integration, you will need to have your HootSuite account all set up and ready to go!

Once you are logged into HootSuite, go into the App Directory, click on the All Apps tab and search for Batchbook, or click here for a direct link to the app.

Once you click on the Install App button an app setting window will appear with two options for plugins. There is a profile and comms plugin and you can choose to add both or just one.

You'll be prompted to enter your Batchbook account information. In the account name field, you'll need to add whatever comes before in your account URL. So if your URL is, you'll just enter sales in this field. Enter your email and password and then click the "Go for it!" button to finalize the connection.

To check that you are connected, click on the drop down arrow next to a contact's avatar. You will see Batchbook Profile at the bottom of the drop down menu.