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How do I add contacts to Batchbook from HootSuite?

1. Hover over the person's avatar and click on the drop down arrow once it appears.

2. Click on Batchbook Profile.

If the contact is not yet in Batchbook the above popup will appear.

1. You can choose to mark them as a Champion!

2. The HootSuite tag will automatically be added to the contact record. If you'd like to add additional tags, type them one at a time in the box and make sure to hit return to make the tag stick.

3. Add any relavent comments.

Scroll down and click on the Add Contact to Batchbook button to finalize your entry.

A view of what information was carried over to Batchbook will appear.

TIP: To quickly go to your contact in Batchbook,  click on the contact's name in the above view.

Here is an example of what your newly created contact will look like in Batchbook!