Batchbook closing - now what happens?

Batchbook CRM will close on January 15, 2019. You need to have your data moved out of the product before this date as Batchbook and it's data will be deleted irrevocably at that point.  

You have 2 options for moving your data:

1) Migrate to Pipeline Deals. Their team has created an impressive migration option for moving your data effortlessly from Batchbook to PipelineDeals.  It’s as simple as authorizing the transfer of data and filling in your account details. Then, your Batchbook data will be automatically populated into PipelineDeals so you can continue running your business.  Additionally, they've extended a special offer on pricing to help during this transition. How do I move my data to Pipeline Deals?

2. You can export your data to csv. How do I export my data from Batchbook spreadsheets?