How do I export my data?

We've created a few easy options for exporting your data in just a few clicks. 

All users with export access will be able to export from the advanced search page. 

Go to the Advanced Search page of your account

There you'll find a Bulk Export section where you can quickly export:

  • All contacts
  • All Deals
  • Last 2 years of to-dos
  • Last 2 years of communications
  • All Attachments list (which will provide links to download all attachments)

Click the link or links you prefer to export. These files will contain all the exportable data for each file type. Depending on your account size these files may take a few moments or a little longer.  

You'll receive a banner message letting you know the export is in progress. While the export is in progess the green link will disappear from the list

When the export is complete you will receive an email with a link to the file. BE SURE TO CLICK THE LINK AND DOWNLOAD THE FILE.  

You'll receive a link for each file you download.

Fair warning that your file may be very large. The header names are the field names from Batchbook. The columns can be rearranged as needed.

Not seeing these options? Your user may not have access.

Want a customized list you can edit? Check out our regular export options